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Pieces of the People We Love - ficbyjane
Pieces of the People We Love
Title: Pieces of the People We Love (from the song by Rapture)
Author: janesgravity
Artist: quinn222
Type: Erm. Angst?
Word Count: 12,822
Rating: PG-13 for swears /o\
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy; Adam/OMC (briefly) assorted but never sundry Glamnation people and friends and family
Summary: Tommy and Adam get together during Glamnation. But Adam's convinced Tommy's a straight boy, killing time. After Glamnation, he breaks up with Tommy and only then realises his mis-step. A year on, and the Aquarius Rising tour is about to begin. Can they find their way back?
A/N: Betad by i_bleed_magenta and oh my god you guys you have no idea what she did behind the scenes for me. Literally without her, this fic wouldn't exist. Special thanks also to radiogaga33 who told me to take out the serial killer. She was right. More special thanks to my awesome and amazing artist quinn222 - you have a real eye for exactly what I need. Quinn also came up with the Aquarius Rising tour name, and it couldn't be more perfect for this fic. And thanks as always to my twitter feed, who kept me from completely falling apart.

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